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Taiwanese Teen Asian Amateur Model Lexie

Like a blossoming flower, her scent and colourful petals bring joy to those who admire her natural beauty.  

Lexie is one of our youngest girls next-door to join our asian amateur models.  Loving to push her cultural boundaries, this busty taiwanese teen has always attracted more than her fair share of attention from both boys and girls in high school.

Asian women in older generations have always been more conservative and submissive, however the younger generation of asian teens like Lexie love exploring their sexuality and love being in front of the camera.

Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie
Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie

We asked Lexie to share a bit more about herself..

Favourite Hobbies..

I love indulging myself in my artistic interests. I play the piano - I've nearly perfected the Chopin Valse Brilliante! - I also learn French from tapes, write my own songs with guitar accompaniment. I DESPISE working out, it is the bane of my existence! Apart from that, I take anytime I have free to sleep! My beauty sleep!

Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie
Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie

Turn Ons..

A man who can make me laugh - "A day is thoroughly wasted if one has not laughed" - I don't like to take life too seriously, so my man has to be light-hearted and happy-go-lucky! I have a pretty weird sense of humour, so I'm told. This is quite a strange turn-on, but I cAN'T resist a man in glasses! they make you look so sexy! My man definitely has to be smarter than me as well, because I don't think I could be with someone whose brains I don't respect.

I have much higher standards for girls. Girls need to be GORGEOUS (like the ones on this site!), stylish, intelligent, have that certain something in their eyes (a sparkle, perhaps), and a strong personality wouldn't go astray, either!

Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie

Other Passions..

FOOD - wontons, wontons and more wontons! I love food, I could go on all day about my favourite foods, so I won't bore you!

MUSIC - I love going to raves, especially when they involve Drum'n'Bass or breaks. At home, I like to dance around to Kylie Minogue's boppy tunes, or if I'm going to bed, some chillout choones!

Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie
Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie

Sex Life..

 My boyfriend and I don't see each other very often, so when we do, it's like - as many times as we can fit in a day! I can make love all day long! GRRROWL! In my "career", I've managed to break three beds. Let's just say I like to play it rough! I like to rip all the clothes off as soon as possible, and go for it! We're working our way through a kama sutra book at the moment, but I think in the end, I still prefer doggy style. I enjoy the raw animal instinct that it brings out in me... and of course it leaves me begging for more.

I also like to play with bondage gear (chains, collars, handcuffs, whips, you know the rest) when I'm bored. I like to be the dominatrix! Power turns me on!

I'm exploring my sexuality at the moment, I have a suspicion that I'm bisexual because I find so many women EXTREMELY attractive. I have had many sexual experiences with girls and I've enjoyed them all! I find the female form very sexy... the curves, the cuddly bits ie breasts, bum, thigh etc. There is no particular look that I go for, but a sparkly personality is a must.

Asian Amateur Taiwanese Teen Lexie


To become an excellent doctor (paediatrician, oncologist or psychiatrist) and be happy in everything that I do.

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