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Mei – Sexy Singapore Student

Mei - Singapore Student Model

There is definitely something about international students on campus that makes them so alluring.  Perhaps it's their newfound freedom being so far away from home that encourages them to explore and push their sexual boundaries.

It's a pleasure to introduce Mei, one of our latest chinese asian amateur models who is currently completing her law degree at University.  Originally from Singapore, Mei reveals her favourite things in life are mango flavoured ice-cream and chocolates.  Lots of chocolates!

Singapore Uni Student Model

With such a high calorie diet we wonder how Mei keeps her fine figure so trim? Perhaps she burns it off with plenty of exercise, extra curricular activities, and hours of sex?

"Hours of Sex?" Mei giggles as she reveals she actually a virgin.  We certainly don't believe her one bit.  An asian beauty like Mei would be inundated with offers and pick ups!

Be sure to check out Mei's more revealing pics on our Bentbox gallery and see for yourself.  Do you think she could be a virgin?

Asian Amateur Model
Singaporean Asian Amateur Nude Model
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